Campervan Embroidered Hoop – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: retro print, blue and green, fatquarter; sketch print, green; spotty, cream;asssorted prints, scraps, 13 Quilting hoop, 36cmRibbon: cotton, bunting print; floral printThread: sewing; embroidery,assorted coloursRic rac: blue; greenFusible webbingDried lavender

Create a caravan hoop

Take a fat quarter of retro print fabric and lay flat. Put a quilting hoop over the top so the pattern reaches half way, this will ensure there is room for two trees. Take green sketch print fabric and lay just under half way. Check the placement using the hoop, then pin and stitch across the join in pale green. Fasten the material into the hoop, allowing an 8cm border. Roughly trim the excess fabric and remove the hoop.

Cut a 23cm x 26cm section from cream spotty fabric. Curve the sides until it measures 10cm at the top. Back with webbing and centrally place the narrow end at the top of the sketch green fabric. Stitch in place. Download the template and print. Use it to cut out two main caravan sections from vintage fabric, trim and back both pieces with webbing. Position centrally and pin in place.

Cut four pieces of green ric rac. Stitch two across the grass line and two on either side of the road, tucking the inner ends under the caravan. Sew a length of bunting ribbon across the caravan and tuck in the raw ends. Stitch around the caravan twice in dark purple. Cut out a wheel and door from vintage prints, a blind from orange floral print and a window from light blue fabric. Place on the caravan body and stitch with purple thread.

Cover the join of the blind with blue ric rac. Iron on the reverse. Cut two tree trunks in brown fabric and stitch one behind and one next to the caravan. Cut two circles from green sketch print, the same size as the retro background, overlap and use dark green thread to sew to the right-hand tree. Add two small leaves in green sketch print fabric and stitch in bright green. Cut two small leaves in grass print fabric and sew using dark green thread to the tree on the left.

Stitch two wooden stakes and place on either side of the caravan. Cut 16 small triangles from vintage prints, arrange and stitch across the top of the caravan in white. Add a towing hook to the vehicle. Finally, stitch the wording, first writing onto tissue paper and pinning into place. Sew twice, then tear away. Iron on the reverse. Position the inner hoop underneath, lay the outer hoop over the top. Making sure the picture is pulled taut, tighten the screw and trim the excess fabric. Glue a length of floral ribbon to decorate the outer rim of the hoop.

Stitch a caravan sachet

Cut 8cm x 11cm of green sketch fabric and a 12cm x 14cm piece of orange floral print; set aside. Download the small template and print. Use it to cut the caravan pieces and back with webbing. Arrange onto the green sketch fabric and pin in place. Stitch details in dark purple and iron on the reverse. Pin to the middle of the orange fabric and stitch around the edges with a green zig zag to secure. Iron on the reverse.

Cut a piece of bunting ribbon to cover the top green zig zag line, and stitch both sides in cream. Embroider ‘Ta da!’ or use a pre-printed label onto the top left corner. Cut a double leaf from green fabric. Stitch to the bottom left corner using bright green thread. Cut out a back for your sachet, the same size as the finished front, and pin right sides together.

Cut a 21cm piece of bunting ribbon; pin to the top of the sachet with the printed side facing the decorative front and raw ends sticking out, sandwich the back on top. Starting one third across the bottom edge, with a 5mm seam allowance, stitch up the side, across the top, down the other side and one third across the bottom. Fill with lavender and stitch up the bottom gap, tucking in the raw edges.