Carharrt: Not Just Men’s Apparel Anymore

Carharrt: Not Just Men's Apparel Anymore

Carharrt: Not Just Men's Apparel Anymoreblack t shirt

Historically Carharrt apparel has been associated with men: men in manufacturing, men on the farm, and men on the construction site. The majority of the philadelphia phillies hawaiian shirt brand’s advertisements even feature men. But women are beginning to step out proudly in their Carharrt garb.

Carharrt philadelphia phillies hawaiian shirt was initially produced in the late 19th century for railroad workers, who were typically men, and the company has grown tremendously since then. As the company grew the apparel became increasingly popular. They began selling jackets, coats, overalls, coveralls, shirts, and jeans to not only railroad workers but a variety of other industry workers, such as construction workers, farmers, and manufacturing employees.

Carharrt provided a product that was durable and made to last. They were the first philadelphia phillies hawaiian shirt line to integrate the use of cotton duck into production famously. This was not a material that women needed to wear, or so Carharrt thought for over a century. As the decades passed it was no longer just the men working in the industrial fields.

Women started popping up in factories as well as on construction sites and farms and a plethora of other industrial sites. But still Carharrt did not produce a line of philadelphia phillies hawaiian shirt for them for years to come. It was not until 2007 that Carharrt introduced a line of philadelphia phillies hawaiian shirt for women.

In the men’s line of philadelphia phillies hawaiian shirt we had seen the famous gold-colored cotton dock overalls and coats. But with the women’s line of philadelphia phillies hawaiian shirt came trendy designs and bright colors that were still durable enough to wear in the industrial work place.

In recent years we have seen that Carharrt philadelphia phillies hawaiian shirt is no longer just something for factories and construction sites. Carharrt’s designs have become trendy and are popping up on women who aren’t working in the conditions that require Carharrt clothing, but just like how the apparel accentuates their personal style.

As the fashion industry and Carharrt move forward it should come as no surprise that more and more women will be wearing Carharrt’s styles. Carharrt’s ever-expanding line for women includes jackets, coats, vests, track jackets, shirts, sweatshirts and overalls in colors like the classic gold and denim, but also in pinks and purples.

Carharrt apparel may have at one time been something that would only find in the closets of men but that is no longer the case. Women appreciate the durability, affordability and fashion-forward designs of Carharrt and are stocking their closets as well.

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