Caribbean Sailing Charter: A Day of “Eco-Loving”

Caribbean Sailing Charter: A Day of "Eco-Loving"

Caribbean Sailing Charter: A Day of "Eco-Loving"black t shirt

Before I met my husband, my idea of the perfect relaxing respite was some posh, air-conditioned suite at a pricey resort located on a beach within U.S. territories. But, like I said, that was before I was

introduced to the natural beauty and adventure of the Caribbean islands. There may be no better place to get in touch with nature than on a sailing charter to the Caribbean. It is a great way to get away from your everyday life -giving you a chance to recuperate and rejuvenate – while at the same time experiencing nature up close in an environmentally friendly way. Every island in the Caribbean is unique, making the options for outdoor adventures nearly endless. Each day is a new journey just waiting to be discovered!

Imagine waking up on your sailing charter at sunrise in a quiet anchorage of turquoise blue water, facing a secluded white sandy beach fringed with palm trees gently swaying in the warm tropical breeze. After a refreshing swim and a breakfast of mangoes and other tropical fruit freshly picked the day before, you load up your Coleman Exponent Daypack®, don your surf and sand shoes, and paddle your inflatable kayak ashore to explore. As every true adventurer knows, the “real” Caribbean can best be experienced through an activity. Whether it is wandering through local markets; horseback riding in the surf; hiking or biking through an incredible array of landscapes ranging from mountainous rainforests to almost desert-like terrain; participating in a cultural event or dancing to a spontaneous “Jump-up”, there is something for everyone in the Caribbean.

Today’s strenuous activity is an invigorating hike through the dense tropical rainforest to the crater rim of a dormant volcano. The extraordinary array of fauna and flora that we pass makes you feel like you truly are in a Garden of Eden. Once at the summit, we are awestruck by nature’s combination of fury and beauty. On the way back down from the crater rim, we take a break and frolic in a refreshing rainforest waterfall.

Once back onboard our sailing charter, it is time to start the next adventure. We have explored above ground, now it is time to explore under the sea. The Caribbean is known worldwide for its pristine waters. The islands are proud of their natural ecosystems and thus, many areas are protected, including underwater marine parks. Therefore, the Caribbean offers some of the world’s most spectacular snorkeling and diving. We spend a couple hours in the afternoon snorkeling. We are captivated by the amazing coral formations and the colorful myriad of sea life. Although not as strenuous as our morning adventure, it is none the less exhilarating.

By late afternoon, it is time to wind down a bit. We relax in the cockpit of our sailboat as another sailing charter pulls into the anchorage, lowers its sails, and prepares to drop anchor. For those that are experienced sailors, it is always part of the fun and ritual of cruising to watch other cruisers enter and leave an anchorage. Much to my husband’s chagrin, I grab my Bushnell binoculars and check out the latest visitors to this corner of paradise.

After watching the most unbelievable, breathtaking sunset, we decide we are too tired to cook dinner ourselves. We attach a Coleman for Kids Illumistick® to the bow spirit of our yacht, and head back to shore to sample some delicious Caribbean cuisine in town. Afterward, as we push off shore, the faint glow of the illumistick guides us to our vessel. Without it, it may be difficult to find our sailboat in the pitch darkness of the anchorage void of the reflection of urban lights. Once onboard, under the shine of our floating lantern, we lay out the charts on the navigation station. With our handheld GPS, we plot a course for our next destination. After all, what fun is a sailing charter to the Caribbean if you never leave port? After a bit of tidying up, we snuggle on the deck, gazing up at an impossible number of clear constellations. Soon, the gentle rocking of our sailing charter does its magic. After a full day of being in touch with nature, I am completely relaxed and a bit worn out. It is time to retire to our cabin, because tomorrow our sails will be full as we journey to our next Caribbean adventure.

Several years ago, if someone told me I would be “roughing” it in paradise, I would have laughed. Now, I know. There is no finer place to get in touch with nature than on a Caribbean island and no better way to do it than on an environmentally friendly sailing charter.

If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience discover the Caribbean’s natural beauty for yourself.

Each day will be a new adventure you will never forget!

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