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Looking for the best way to make a statement? Many men mistakenly purchase expensive suits or fancy shoes in hopes of making a statement at the big meeting, in hopes of impressing other men to prove their worth – but when it comes down to it, all you really need to make a statement is a great watch. That’s right, gentlemen, all you need to make an average outfit shine is a great timepiece. Luckily for you, it’s not difficult to find a great, statement-making watch. Brands like Swatch and Timex make affordable options with chic style, while more expensive brands like Breitling and make stunning, one of a kind timepieces that you’ll be dying to show off. No matter what your price range or what it is you’re looking to promote, there’s a great statement-making watch out there for you.

When it comes down to it, a new watch is actually a better investment than, say, a new pair of shoes or a new suit. Think of it this way – when you buy a new pair of shoes, you’re eager to show them off, but the truth of the matter is that you simply can’t wear them every day. Do that, and people will think you only own one pair of shoes, and furthermore, you’ll wear down the soles faster than you can say “new shoes.” With a new suit, you simply can’t wear it all the time – certain events dictate formalwear, and for these events, it’s more than acceptable to don the same suit again and again, but if you’re talking about everyday work wear, you can’t wear the same thing every day. You have to spread it out a bit. Watches, on the other hand, are meant to be worn every day. They’re statement-making pieces that don’t break the bank, if only because the cost per wear can be amortized over time. Unlike clothes and shoes and many other items, no one is going to look at you strangely if you don it on a daily basis.

So, how do you know which watch is right for you? If you’re looking for a classic statement watch that is great for business meetings, look no further than the Invicta Reserve Men’s Leviathan Swiss Quartz Chronograph Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Watch. A real stunner of a timepiece, this watch comes in just under the $300 mark, so it’s an investment that’s easily made without totally breaking the bank. Refined, handsome and stylish, this watch is sure to be the highlight of any look, whether it’s a khakis-and-button-down day on the golf course or the most important meeting of your career. With the exceptional quality that Invicta is known for, this watch features a round silver-tone stainless steel case that displays a unidirectional rotating coin-edged bezel with black etched Arabic numerals at five-minute intervals. The round platinum mother of pearl dial is the true focal point of this watch, showing raised round luminous Tritnite index markers in all hour positions, except the quarter hours, which feature small black arrows. With a light blue face and mother of pearl accents that glisten in the sun, this substantial timepiece says power, masculinity and sheer style.

Another amazing showstopper of a watch is the Invicta Reserve Men’s Mid-Size Venom Swiss Made Chronograph Strap Watch. Thanks to a stunning rose-gold case, this watch is a total showstopper. This substantial watch features a unidirectional rotating black bezel, and a round black dial displays luminous Tritnite accented index markers in all hour positions. Black, rose gold and white make for a stunning display of style in this fantastic watch, which clocks in at under $600. This is a great watch for a manly man; it’s not for the dainty. Perfect for those business meetings where you need to walk into a room and turn heads, this Invicta watch is the kind of timepiece that makes people stop and stare. It’s powerful. It’s masculine. It’s one of a kind. It’s the kind of watch that makes people respect you. Looking to make a statement? This is the one.

Got all the money in the world to spend? Why not go for the gold (literally) and snag yourself a gorgeous Cartier timepiece. This bold, one of a kind watch features an 18k rose gold and titanium case – you can’t break this thing! The case encompasses a black dial with rose gold hour markers and hands, and the dial features three subdials, as well as a date display box, giving you all the information about the time you could ever want, and then some. This watch boasts automatic movement to ensure it stays functional, and is a real stunner of a timepiece. If you’ve got the money, a Cartier is a true statement-maker. The name says it all.

write by Dominic Kujawa

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