Catalog Printing – The Most Effective Avenues For Your Business

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Catalog printing exists for many purposes, but the underlying motive is to drive conversion for your business. Most companies have their own style of branding when it comes to catalog printing that will help customers identify their products and remember them for future purchases. Think about who uses catalogs as their primary means of doing business? The truth is it’s not an outdated method and can actually be used effectively in the following ways:

Sporting Goods

Do you own a sporting goods store? Do you specialize in all of the major sports and their respective apparel and equipment? Catalog printing is for you! Companies like EastBay and Dick’s Sporting Goods regularly make this a part of their marketing strategy since it’s one of the only methods that has the ability to display products in full color brilliance. Online printers mostly specialize in offset printing which produces the finest quality marketing products available. It’s perfect for showing the world incredible detail when they don’t have the immediate option of interacting with new equipment in-store.

Clothing Companies

The granddaddy of them all, nobody uses catalog printing more than clothing outlets. Open your newspaper and you’re bound to find a nice, compact, glossy catalog showing off the season’s latest and greatest apparel, from shirts, pants and belts, to socks, shoes, and jewelry. There’s almost no better way (than perhaps the Internet) to show off the colors and gleaming beauty of fresh-from-the-tailors clothing. Just be sure your customers can internalize everything without getting confused from page to page.

Kitchen Accessories

A major industry, kitchen accessories are plenty and often call for an extensive piece of marketing literature in the form of custom catalog printing to share all of their attributes. Catalogs are a great vehicle for displaying the sheer power of a new mixer or blender, the elegance and utility of a high-quality knife set, and the lasting appeal of various other small appliances and food preparation tools. They’re also perfect for home gatherings in which a representative can do business face-to-face (i.e. Pampered Chef, Cutco.)

Specialty Stores

Then there are the niche stores like candle makers, pottery artists and other crafty supply stores. Everyone has a specific line of products they wish to share with consumers and catalog printing is still a relevant, tried-and-true means of doing business. It gives you a chance to fully describe something without saying a lot as your final piece should have a well-balanced showcase of precisely what kind of benefits you offer.

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