Ceramic Golf Spikes and More – Understanding Golf Spikes

Ceramic Golf Spikes and More - Understanding Golf Spikes

Ceramic Golf Spikes and More - Understanding Golf Spikesblack t shirt

Golf spikes are small, spiky protrusions found at the soles of golf shoes. Preventing the golfer from slipping or moving unnecessarily during a swing, they offer stability, and at the same time giving proper traction when walking on gravel, turf, or sand surfaces.

On a typical shoe, there would be 12 spikes, four of which would be on the heel and eight would be on the forefoot. Spikes generally require replacing from time to time because they do get worn down, even rusty.

How to easily remove spikes?

A coating of petroleum jelly does the trick for old spikes. Just make sure that all receptacles are wiped clean before the new ones can be attached.

Types of golf spikes

Made from firm, synthetic rubber known as polyurethane, soft golf spikes are lightweight and are excellent for not tearing up grass on a golf course. However, they don’t offer as much traction as other types especially in wet environments.

In addition, compared to the other golf spikes, soft ones require regular replacement since they don’t last very long. Ceramic golf spikes, on the other hand, are very sturdy and are very resistant to abrasions, which makes them a top choice for experienced golfers. While ceramic golf spikes don’t wear down easily, they do cost more. Not to mention that most models include threads and steel flanges that need to be cleaned out constantly to avoid corrosion and rust. Even sturdier than ceramic golf spikes are metal golf spikes. With steel threads, posts, and flanges they require regular maintenance. The downside to having such strong spikes, however, is that many golf courses prohibit their use because they tear up grass.

Buying tidbit

It’s all about steady swings so you want to get golf spikes with the best traction possible to reduce slipping particularly on slippery and wet surfaces.

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