C’est Chic a La Cheap – Secret Tips to Looking Fashionably Savvy and Still Save!

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Think French and Don’t Flinch! Europeans and the French in particular have tiny closets but enormous style. One of the secrets of French chic is buying the best you can afford in both quality and fit and wearing it to death! Europeans don’t go crazy with a closet full of trends that just last a NY minute. Their MO is quality not quantity. They have a habit of grabbing onto one or two “for sure” trends like a classic Versace Jeans Couture short sleeve sweater in basic black and then updating their wardrobe with that trés chic look for each season. When they purchase their basic wardrobe items, tailoring is first and foremost.

Clean Out your Classy Closet! Go treasure hunting in your very own wardrobe to find pieces you can glam up with accessories like an elegant Dolce & Gabbana scarf to give it an updated but stylish look. Rework what you have for a refreshed fashionable look! If you can, store old things that are good quality and look good on you. There’s a great chance it will come back in style! Just look at some current fashion trends: vintage clothing, retro, the 70’s look and so many past generational styles that are now “in” again!

A Simple Tweak Creates Chic! A simple Lauren by Ralph Lauren Luxe Ponte Sheath Dress may look elegant on its own but accessorized with an exquisite but relatively inexpensive Valentino black shoulder handbag would make your look dizzy dazzling. A basic top can look superb by simple tweaking. Turn up the collar, roll up a sleeve or accessorize it with a sleek and sexy scarf to instantly create a fashionable and stylish look. Caveat: All things in moderation and know when to bring it down a notch. Don’t over do it!

write by Phedra

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