Cheap Scrubs and Nursing Clogs – A Killer Combination For the Savvy Nurse

Cheap Scrubs and Nursing Clogs - A Killer Combination For the Savvy Nurse

Cheap Scrubs and Nursing Clogs - A Killer Combination For the Savvy Nurseblack t shirt

Wonder why you ever bought those expensive scrubs? Those scrubs that were meant to be cheap scrubs, but they ended up costing a fortune? Did you know that Nursing clogs don’t have to cost a fortune either? Don’t ever believe that you have to overpay for nursing scrubs and nursing clogs. Start saving money now.

Why would you ever pay high prices for set of cheap nursing uniforms? People associate cheap scrubs with cheap quality. This is simply not true. Cheap Scrubs just mean cheap in price, not in their materials. The materials in the cheap scrubs come from a highly synthetic fiber which is 65% polyester, and 35% cotton, yielding the best material possible. Nursing clogs are also of the best materials. They are made from EVA foam and are more comfortable then the high cost clogs that are sold in the specialty stores.

Walking down the hallway with some Nursing Clogs viking zip up hoodie and medical scrubs will have everyone turning their heads. They will be asking where you got those and why you stand out from everyone else. Everyone else is overpaying for their stuff except you. You look better for cheaper. Your cheap scrubs are only cheap in the cost.

Who could beat that?

Medical lab coats are not the same you used to see on the popular tv shows. Those nursing clogs were overweight, bulky and made you feel like you were walking on rocks. These nursing clogs will never make you feel like you are walking on rocks. They will make you feel like you are walking on clouds.

To get the most use out of your high quality cheap scrubs, you must wash and care for them accordingly. There are many ways to wash your cheap scrubs, but following these steps will ensure durability and for years to come. Turn the cheap scrubs inside out, and put it in cold wash and spin cycle. This will ensure all the grit and dirt to be turn loose that gets in your uniform throughout your busy day.

The most durable nursing uniforms would not last throughout the day if it was not designed for the savvy nurse. The problem with most nursing clogs is that it doesn’t take into consideration that nurses want something that gives them style and comfort. These are not only the most comfortable nursing clogs you ever seen but also their style is so elegant, that it makes everyone turn their heads

Don’t ever be fooled by the advertisers who spend millions to make you pay more for cheap scrubs and nursing clogs. They are simply out for brand recognition and prey on the nurse that spends her hard earned money without having all the facts. Please spend wisely, and don’t believe everything you hear on the media.

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