Chie Mihara – The Perfect Brand For Shoe Lovers Worldwide

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You haven’t seen anything yet until you have seen the shoes that Chie Mihara have to offer. They are sophisticated and glamorous yet kooky at the same time and the best part about them that truly makes them stand out is the fact that they are slightly oxymoronic. No high heels in the history of life have ever been as cute and sexy yet quite offbeat as the ones this brand produces – that’s for sure!

To make it easier for you to take in, Amelie would most probably wear these Chie Mihara shoes – if she weren’t fictional, that is – since they sum up the subtle prettiness of a mischievous and shy individual with a creative imagination perfectly.

After looking at the quirky designs of Chie Mihara, it would seem that she possesses a very creative imagination as a designer. See, the textures, shapes, patterns and colours of each shoe is so unique that everybody who sets an eye of them will wonder what sparks her imagination to make them in the first place.

It turns out that her inspiration lies within emotions and feelings. Yes, Chie Mihara constantly claims that her designs are made to move women as she tries to capture emotions within each boot and shoe. She also makes it a point to stand out from the other shoes that can be found all over the world today.

Well, she definitely knows what makes shoes stand out – that’s for sure. With Japanese parents and growing up in Brazil, only to find herself in Spain today (whenever she isn’t in Toronto or New York, that is), Chie Mihara boots and shoes come with a wide array of cultural inspiration that let the designer make tens of hundreds of thousands of handmade shoes every year, with more than a hundred different styles, all of which concentrate on the most important things to women when it comes to shoes today: comfort and style.

If you want a vintage twist, these shoes can give you that, too, especially if you prefer practical heel heights yet want to add a flirty and feminine twist through cute buttons or little bows, textures or flowers. A message will definitely be sent with each shoe you wear – and you can do so without experiencing any pain to boot! Mihara proves that shoes do not need to be boring in order to be comfortable; just look at the Chie Mihara boots out there and you’ll soon see how noticeable you will become once you wear a pair yourself.

Once you discover what the shoes and boots of Chie Mihara have to offer, you will definitely end up loving them for life and, even if you do not get a pair, you will end up finding yourself completely drawn to them like candy every time you see them and that analogy fits perfectly as they are so addictive and irresistible, you might end up buying more than a pair!

write by Neala

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