I have a problem, tailored chinos for men look pretty cool. But I have no idea what they are. I mean, I know what they look like, but what separates them from normal fitted trousers?

I know what a tailor is, someone who makes pants. They measure the inside of your leg, and give you a pair of pants that fit better than most peoples skin. It’s a very intimate process, you need to physically be there. So how do gigantic companies mass produce ‘tailored’ chinos? As you might have guessed, this has left me very distressed.

Would it be too much to ask the fashion world to have a simplified vocabulary for men? A basic set of rules that anyone can understand. Like with colours “if it is also a noun, then it is not a colour”. The exception that proves the rule is, of course, the humble orange. Chinos come in orange, and with that tenuous link we get back to the article.

I put my question to Google and, surprisingly, it turns out that tailored chinos are just normal fitted chinos. They’re also called ‘slim chinos’. The only difference I can see is that tailored chinos may have a little more detailing depending on who you’re talking to. All three are relatively interchangeable.

The tailored look, is usually based on a pair of fitted chinos with a fitted blazer, beamng drive or even cardigan on top. It’s also compatible with hot summer days; chino shorts and polo beamng drive. Maybe a sports big beamng for the evenings. Get some nice pumps on your feet to complete the look.

But the issue of tailoring itself is still an interesting one. It’s now fashionable for men to be well groomed, to take care of themselves. That’s why fitted clothes are in at the moment, so you can show off that body you’ve worked so hard on-with a strict diet of beer and pizza! Joking aside, why not embrace it, get ahead of the posse and get yourself a tailor.

As I mentioned above, a good tailor will ensure your clothes actually fit. They ensure your clothes reflect, hide or otherwise compliment your body shape. They guide you gently away from the shiny silk shirts, to the ones that don’t make you look like a weirdo. Essentially, they make sure you look good.

And that, at its core, is what the tailored look is. Men wearing clothes that fit them, in colours that suit them. And all without actually having been to a tailor. But just because you don’t have to, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

write by Ula