Choose a Tiffany Blue Wedding Theme

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The Tiffany blue wedding theme has been growing in popularity since about 2000 and has been used by many celebrities during their weddings. For example, Toni Braxton was one of the first people to really use the Tiffany blue idea in her wedding. The Tiffany blue name for a wedding theme is used along with robin egg blue or a light pale blue colour theme. When people first think about a Tiffany blue wedding they think of the famous jewellery store that gives a feeling of elegance and extravagance.

If you want to have everything at your wedding to follow this theme then you yourself, as the bride, can have the colours of tiffany in your flowers or you can have tiffany colours pinned to your attire. If you do not want to add anything to your dress then you can use the tiffany colours as accent colours in your jewellery and shoes. This goes the same for the groom; a blue boutonniere can be added to go with the tiffany theme.

When decorating for your reception you can choose tiffany blue china patterns and serving ware. This theme can even be extended in your food as it can be tinted with tiffany blue food colouring and you can even ask the caterers to serve foods that go with the blue theme such as blue cheese. For wedding and party gifts you can give your guests a copy of the famous novel reakfast at Tiffany?or you may choose to give a box of candies with the box of course being blue.

To make the tiffany wedding theme go even further you can order the Tiffany stationary on which you will print your invitations and have them hand delivered. This can also be used for your thank you cards as well. Using light blue printer paper for addition notes and maps can finish the invitation. When going with this theme for a wedding it is possible to go over board and it is important that you keep your use of blues under control. For example when choosing your flowers it is nice to get some of them in the tiffany colour scheme but you should combine this with other colours that keep the blue from being overpowering. Choosing an outdoor location for your wedding is also a good idea to keep the use of blue under control. The natural colours in the environment will complement the blues that you are using.

When choosing your cake you must think of the theme that you are using. For example you will want to choose a square layer cake that will resemble gift boxes. Then to finish off the theme of the wedding the cake layers will be wrapped in the signature colour. You can surround your wedding cake with beautiful blue flowers as well. Blue is the central color of a Tiffany wedding, and it would be an elegant touch to have the bridesmaids dressed in blue. You can limit the favors and include some blue colors in your decorations, but if you overdo it, the colour will overshadow the wedding and you don’t want this to happen.

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