Choose the Right Sandal Colors For Summer

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Weather is turning from warm to hot. Sun may glare and sweat may flow, but nothing releases you from the patriotic duty of looking cute and hot during the stifling summer month.

What better way to express summer than choosing the right color for the right season

Lets make this season one to celebrate with these summer themed wedges:

Pink & Orange

Many people don’t think of pairing these two colors because of their close proximity on the color wheel, but these two bright tones are perfect with those summer bathing suits and busy beach pictures.

The sexy Red

From clothes to shoes to accessories red is this season’s color. The color would describe your sexiness, passion and love. So get red with the color red in your wardrobe.

Yellow and Orange

Bright colors like yellow and orange are also apt for a casual outing. Feel fresh and young with these bright colors.

Green and Brown

The quintessential summer colors, these colors are great from park strolling to a lavish Caribbean vacation. Use these colors to help your stand out this summer.

There are countless off brands with these color combination. Here is an example of a brand that is specifically designed for this season – SHEWALK SANDALS

You may select from their variety of quality wedge sandals that boast a dazzling array of colors and intricate designs that truly reflect the skills of everyone involved.

Shewalk’s unique wedge sandals are all made from the finest natural component materials which are colorfully handcrafted and hand woven by our finest Filipino fashion designers and artists.

To view their masterpieces, please visit their website.

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