Christian Louboutin Loubis Black Patent Leather Clutch

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Christian Louboutin never lacks fans of fashion followers. Actually I am not so into following the steps of fashion trend. Still I believe that they love it for reasons. And Christian Louboutin Loubis Black Patent Leather Clutch alone is enough to be the reason. Fanciful, flirtatious and a little fiendish, who can resist such a gorgeous extra that is sure to turn your outfit from a drab to a fab?

Look to this fabulous black clutch bag, from its glamorous patent leather to sparkling golden frame, a touch of elegance and luxe presents. Timeless black tone enhanced by feminine pleating adds to your irresistible sexy charming, which is sure to catch your prey in a cocktail party. Well, it’s anything but a normal black patent bag! Have you seen the iconic signature double shoe clasps? Bling bling hue together with exquisite shape turns the bag into a piece of art that you should never miss. Plus, the clutch’s edge rests on details such as the Grosgrain Lining.

However, this little sexy might be a little bit over-the-top for those who always keep low profile. Then you may have her sister- Christian Louboutin Loubis Nude Patent Leather Clutch. Soft yet chic, elegant yet unique, it’s an idea match to your evening gown without being too coquettish. Carrying it, you are immediately a lovely and elegant princess. Well, I personally prefer the small black bag for its overwhelming appeal. You know, who doesn’t want to be more shine in a party? Then how about you?

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