Christian T Shirts Will Help You Share God’s Word

Christian T Shirts Will Help You Share God's Word

Christian T Shirts Will Help You Share God's Wordblack t shirt

A recent study reveals that a Christian cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt is read over 3,000 times before it hits a yard sale. That means that if you wore a Christian t- cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt everyday an average of about 8 people would read your cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt and you would not even know it. How many people do you talk to about God on a daily basis, think about it, do you think you share the word of God to an average of 8 people per day. In this day and age we live our lives in such a fast mode, we are always running on time and late to church. Stop and think about how many people you have talked too about God this week, month or this past year alone, do you think you could of hit the 3,000 land mark.

“And he said unto them, go ye into the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; he that believeth not shall be damned”( Mark 16:15-16). We’ve heard people say, Lord use me but they never even talk to their neighbor about God. They picture themselves in a big stage preaching the word of God or maybe singing and have high hopes and they say I want to go to the world and to preach the word of God in front of 3,000 people. Ok, so what happens if they never step foot on that big stage, and then they just lost the opportunity to share the word of God.

We see young people in our country expressing themselves freely through the way they dress and promote drugs, violence, sex, alcohol, negative attitudes, and offensive language on their clothes. Young kids grow up looking at that and they no longer have to see it on the internet or in magazines, now they see it while you are with them in a store line, walking in the mall, even in the park and we cannot do anything about it. As a matter a fact we can, we can change the way we dress and slowly we can change the world. We cannot walk around and say well I’ve Jesus in my heart, but can anybody see him, if you’re a shy person who doesn’t like to talk or tell people about him.

If you only knew how much people are interested and are in need of God, if you would express him in the way you dress. The best way of doing it and having people ask you about him, is to wear something the represents him. So many testimonies we have heard of people that open themselves and ask about God because of a Christian tee, they themselves open the door for you to preach to them and tell them what the particular cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt means. They just open the door for you to tell them about Christ and you didn’t have to say a word. Why because instead of wearing your $30 branded famous t- cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt that you bought at the mall. You decided to wear what you believe in.

John 3:16 is what Tim Tebow wrote on his eyeblack during his college games it had appeared in various forms at nationally televised sporting events over the years, but after University of Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow wrote it on his eye black for a national championship game, the biblical scripture became the most popular search item on google. He could have worn anything else, for example a sports logo or famous sports brand, but instead he wore what he believed in and had an impact on his teammates his fans and around the world people wanted to know what was John 3:16.

Don’t wait and say God make me a preacher a singer to tell people about your love for us. Start now at your work, or when you go to the store change your cincinnati reds hawaiian shirt and change the world, stand up for what you believe in and don’t stop until the whole world hears.

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