Christmas Pudding Tea and Floral Egg Cosy – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: cotton: brown, cream, patterned cream, patterned brown, 1m of eachFelt: sheet, green, 12cm square; ball, orange, largeEmbroidery thread, light greenWadding, lightweight, 1mFusible webbing, 1mSequins: green, beige, red, brownBeads: seed, red, white; wooden, red, three; glass, 8mm, red, three; acrylic, 3mm, white, three; bugle, red, green, clearRic rac, orange, 1m

Dimensions List

Tea cosy: 21cm x 25cmEgg cosy: 11cm square

Stitch a reversible tea cosy

Use them to cut out two tea cosy pieces from brown cotton fabric, as well as two icing pieces from cream lining cotton and patterned cream fabric, reversing the template for one piece from each set as you work.

Create the outer cosy. With right sides facing, pin the patterned and plain cream icing pieces together and machine stitch along the wavy edge, leaving the curved top unstitched. Sew the remaining two cream pieces together in the same way. Turn them out and press.

With the right sides facing upwards, place the icing pieces on top of the main pudding sections. Pin and tack into place, working close to the curved edge. Press then hand sew a mixture of sequins and beads across the bottom half of the cosy. Stitch both pieces together right sides facing.

Create the inner cosy. Using the same templates, cut two pudding pieces from patterned brown fabric and the same from wadding. Lay the wadding out, placing both lining pieces right sides together and the remaining wadding piece on top. Pin together and machine stitch around the shape, leaving the long edge open.

With the right sides of the brown outer cosy facing inwards and the inner lining cosy facing out, push the inner piece into the outer and pin. Machine sew across the straight edge, leaving a 9cm gap on the back for turning. Pull out and push the lining inside. Sew the gap closed with whip stitches and press on a cool heat, so as not to melt the wadding.

From green felt cut two holly leaves using the templates. Sew neat running stitches around the outer edges, pinch one end into shape and stitch secure with light green embroidery thread. Stitch both leaves onto the top of the cosy and sew three red, wooden beads to the centre of the leaves with a white, 3mm acrylic bead at the top of each. Turn the cosy the other way out and sew an orange felt ball to the top, and a length of ric rac along the bottom edge.

Make a matching egg cosy

Cut out the four sections of the egg cosy from patterned brown fabric, using the templates found. Iron fusible webbing onto the back of a 30cm square piece of patterned cream fabric, then cut out two icing pieces from it.

Peel off the webbing paper and position the icing onto the brown fabric, then iron under a handkerchief to adhere. Machine stitch around the wavy edge of the icing and hand sew a selection of bugle beads to the brown section. Make the back of the cosy in the same way, then stitch together right sides facing.

Cut out two pudding pieces from wadding, using the template. Layer the pieces together, starting with the wadding, then both lining pieces, followed by the remaining wadding. Pin and machine stitch around the shape, leaving the long edge open.

Ensure the right sides of the lining and the cosy are facing, and push the lining into the cosy shell. Pin and machine sew across the straight edge, leaving a 6cm gap on the back for turning. Turn out and push the lining inside the shape. Sew the gap closed with neat whip stitches. Make two holly leaves as described for the tea cosy and sew to the top of the cosy with three 8mm red glass beads that have a white seed on top of each.