Clone High Canceled

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For those of you that may now know what Clone High was, Clone High was a television show that originally aired on MTV on Monday nights as part of MTV’s “Ten Spot.” Many enthusiasts of the show such as myself have debated why the show was canceled. At popular website, Clone High currently has a score of 9.1 out of 10. Also, why has MTV not released the show through a DVD box set? Similar animated shoes such as Family Guy and Futurama had fresh life breathed into them because of high DVD sales. There are several probable reasons why Clone High was canceled.

Reason # 1: Poor Ratings
This is by far the most obvious reason. After only 10 episodes due to poor rating MTV decided to pull the plug. Even though the season did not have the best ratings, the show was never given a fair chance. Many other shows had a rocky first season but the network gave them time to work things out. This was not the case with Clone High and it was excellent from episode one.

Reason # 2: Gandhi Scandal
In a 2002 edition of Maxim magazine, MTV released an advertisement that had character Mahatma Gandhi in a way that offended many people in India. To make matters worse for the 55th celebration of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, protesters in India specifically protested the MTV show. Feeling the heat form this controversy, MTV issued an apology. However, scandals like this are rarely good for a show and this scandal could have helped the shows demise.

Reason # 3: High Animation Costs
Going with reason number 1, Clone High probably just was not profitable enough. Many animated cartoons can cost up to two million dollars and was not given enough time to develop a fan base to purchase related products.

It is time for all fans of Clone High to take action. We must be active in Clone High related websites and push for a box set.

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