Clown Costumes Aren’t Just For Clowning Around

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Clowns are one of those things that you either really like or you really dislike. As has been said, there is just something not right about something that is so happy all the time. The exaggerated features on a clown’s face can either be interpreted as joy or terror depending upon your point of view. Perhaps this is why so many people seem to dislike them.

Many people do not know that professional clowns actually go to clown school. During school, they learn about balloon animals and face painting. They will also learn how to make people laugh as well as how to paint their face. During the school, a clown will create a clown costume and a persona. The clown will also take a stage name.

There are actually several different types of clowns. The hobo clown usually wears tattered clothing and a bowler hat. The Pierrot clown is very reflective and quite while the Harlequin clown is often the group leader. Of course, clowns can be a mixture of the above group or they may look like Clarabelle, the clown in the famous Howdy Doody television show. Clarabelle could be classified as an auguste clown. A character clown will imitate a certain type of character. For example, a character clown may imitate a policeman, a lion tamer, or a window cleaner. Some clowns are also excellent acrobats and entertain audiences with their antics and tumbling.

Finding a clown costume is not difficult. You may actually be able to find a clown costume at your local thrift store or you may be able to make your own costume. In order to make your own costume, you will need a pattern. Patterns can be found at different fabric stores or some craft stores. The best time to find a pattern to make a costume is during the early fall. Make sure to purchase your supplies and patterns early enough so that you have the time to make your costume.

If you want to buy a clown costume instead of making a costume, you can visit a costume store in your town. If you live in a rural area, you may not have a store close by your house. In that case, you can go online. If you live in the UK, you may want to look at to find the perfect clown costume.

Remember that you can also order a jester costume and adapt that too. In fact, a jester is not all that different from a clown in many respects. Jesters usually wear fancy hats and tend to perform skilled acts like juggling or mime.

While you are considering the perfect costume, remember that accessories really do make the costume. To make your clown costume as perfect as possible, you may want to think about purchasing a makeup kit, oversized shoes. a red stick on nose, a wig, and some gag props. These may include some simple magic props, juggling balls, or balloons to make a balloon dog.

write by Sandeep Gill

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