Clutch Bags – A Few Buying Tips

Clutch Bags - A Few Buying Tips

Clutch Bags - A Few Buying Tipsblack t shirt

Accessorizing correctly can add oodles of oomph to an outfit. The right accessories can easily catapult a woman from “average” to “fashionable”. One of the biggest ways of doing so is by carrying quality, fashionable hand bags. Bag styles go in and out of fashion every few years. A few years back, large, bulky bags were all the rage. Nowadays, small bags that can hardly carry your lipstick are the in thing. In this category falls the clutch bag. These are tiny purses that are supposed to be carried in your hand (though some designs can be slung on the shoulder). They have just about enough space to carry a few cards and a few dollars. Their main appeal lies in their small size and minimalistic style that can really complement your dress on a dinner date, or a visit to the club.

The most common material used in these bags is leather. Leather is the perfect material for bags: its durable, trendy, can be made into virtually any shape, and looks and feels great. Cloth bags are also popular as these can be carried even with a pair of jeans and t- deer hunting t shirt for a visit to the local mall. In other words, leather clutch bags tend to be more “formal” (i.e. you would wear them on more serious occasions, like a date or an evening at the club), while cloth clutch bags are usually meant for more casual evenings.

When it comes to buying clutch bags, make sure that you buy something that can go with a number of dresses meant for a number of different occasions. A bright yellow bag might not go with a lot of dresses. A black clutch bag, on the other hand, will complement almost anything.

Also, buy something that can withstand a fashion trend. Thus, if you see a lot of silver or gold bags in the shops because that happens to be color of the season, resist the urge to splurge on them. Fashion trends come and go; it is much better to spend money on a color or design that will never go out of fashion (like black or ivory).

A brand name doesn’t necessarily have to mean “quality”. Often, you can find better quality bags at much cheaper prices if you take the time to hunt around. Online shops are a good place to start your search as these outlets keep their margins low to attract customers.

Today, no woman’s wardrobe can be complete without a clutch bag. But before you plop down a hundred bucks on a designer bag, make sure that you buy something that is worth that price.

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