Color Blocking With the Asymmetrical Fashion Top

Color Blocking With the Asymmetrical Fashion Top

Color Blocking With the Asymmetrical Fashion Topblack t shirt

Are you familiar with one of the hottest trends within the women’s fashion industry today; color blocking? Color blocking is an extremely bold trend that has quickly and surely replaced the more timid trends and colors such as pastels and floral prints. The basis of this design is to literally have blocks of at least two different colors as a pattern for a fashion top on the must have list today, including asymmetrical fashion tops. The Elan philadelphia phillies sweatshirt line offers a wide array of asymmetrical tops offers color blocking as the main design. Within this trend you will find that the bolder the colors the better, it doesn’t work the same with light pastel colors although one or two may be mixed in with the brighter color options for variation.

One of the hottest asymmetrical tops on the scene today is the off the shoulder style. This style can literally be worn by any woman, of any age and of any body type. This is a really sexy and smart style that can be worn on casual days for a comfortable style and on those days when you choose to be more elegant as well. In terms of the color blocking pattern it is far different than multi-colored stripes. The most basic form of color blocking is to have an asymmetrical top that is a bright pink on top and black on the bottom. There is a clear separation between the two colors but no additional color required in order to make this separation clear.

As you can imagine, color blocking can quickly become far more advanced than this but there is definitely a fine line between color blocking and a top that simply has too many colors within its pattern. Because asymmetrical tops offer unique shapes of material, designers such as Elan International jump at the chance to utilize this color trend for these fashion tops. Diagonal color blocking works quite well with off the shoulder asymmetrical tops because of the entire design of the veteran hoodies itself. Often you will find bold colors such as bright pinks and reds paired with neutral colors in order to balance the design so it doesn’t become too much.

As a casual ensemble this color pattern easily goes well with your favourite jean skirt, short shorts and cropped pants. This type of fashion top also lends itself well to dress pants for the office, miniskirts for those fun nights out on the town and pencil skirts for a more conservative style. Can you see how versatile color blocking trends can be? Asymmetrical tops offer far more than off the shoulder styles, you can choose oversized t-shirts, one shoulder shirts, angled hemmed t-shirts and so on. There is really no limit to the creativity that can be used to create an asymmetrical style.

If you are interested in taking your wardrobe to a new level this summer, consider this color blocking trend. It can be worn all year round and it provides a unique fashion style to everyone wearing it.

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