Colorful Soles of FENDI’s Fantasia Shoes

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Most times when we are looking at a pair of shoes, we pay much attention to the uppers of the shoes cares less about the shoes. But we also know that if the soles did not match with the uppers of the shoes, the shoes would be ugly for view. In the posts of before, we have study many brand shoes, but little attention was paid to the design of the soles. I do find that till the FENDI’S Fantasia shoes come into my view.

When we look at these shoes together, it is easily to be found that the uppers of these shoes were simple. The first three pairs of shoes were designed with the same uppers in different colors. The last two pairs have some difference with the first three pairs. The straps of the shoes were two narrow ones while the last two were wider straps which extended to the bottom of the wedges.

The big differences of these shoes were their soles. The soles of the first two pair of shoes look the same in shape which with a red wedge block in the middle of the soles but with difference on the heels. The first heel was in pure brown color while the second one was yellow with some strips in different color. The sole of the third one is red with some black strips and completely different shape with the first two heels without wedge block in the middle of the sole.

The last two were designed with platform soles in different thickness. The thicker sole was separated into three parts by the extended part of the strap. The fore side of the sole was wooden with some scratches on the surface. The middle part was a block that was wrapped by the extended part of the brown strap. The back part of the sole was green. The last one was a simple black sole with middle part wrapped by the extended strap.

Except the last one shoes, every one of these FENDI’s Fantasia shoes was designed with at least three colors on the soles and five colors in the whole. It seems that the soles of FENDI’s Fantasia shoes are much more delicate than the upper side. May be it’s the difference of FENDI shoes. Looking carefully at the soles of the shoes, you would love them. So you must want to have a pair of them because the uppers are as delicate as the soles.

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