Colourful Embroidered Poncho – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, wool or wool blend, 180cm x 138cmTapestry wool, DMC: bright orange (7946), apple green (7340), three skeins of each; turquoise (7037), emerald green (7911), powder blue (7301), two skeins of each; cream (7746), scarlet (7849), deep orange (7606), jade green (7861), lemon (7681), one skein of eachBraid, fringed, 6.5mEmbroidery hoop or frameNeedle, large tapestry or sharp darningCoordinating thread

Stitch a poncho

Fold the fabric in half, with selvedges together. Find the centre point along the folded edge and cut a slit 24cm long, for the neck opening.

With the fabric still folded in half, place a dinner plate, about 25cm to 30cm in diameter, on the lower corner and draw around it. Cut along the line you have drawn, through both layers of fabric, to create a curved hem. Do the same on the other corner.

On the neckline edge, turn 1cm of fabric to the wrong side and tack. Thread a tapestry or darning needle with a single strand of powder blue tapestry wool and work blanket stitch all around. Remove the tacking thread.

Locate and download the motifs. Trace onto thin paper and work over the back of the design using an embroidery transfer pen or pencil. Open out the fabric and lay it flat. Place the traced motifs, transfer side down, on the fabric.

Reposition the motifs until you are pleased with the arrangement, then secure the paper to the fabric with a few pins, keeping the pins close to the edge of the paper and away from the design, then press with a hot iron, according to the instructions provided with your transfer pen or pencil.

Place the area of the design to be worked in an embroidery hoop or frame, if desired, as this helps to keep the fabric taut. Using a single strand of tapestry wool, fill in the motifs using satin stitch. Use backstitch for the stems.

When you have filled in all the shapes, press the work on the reverse, using a hot iron and a damp cloth, to remove any creases. To finish the poncho, make a single 1.5cm hem all round, turning the edge of the fabric to the right side, then pin and stitch fringed braid on top.