Communication is Paramount to Success

Communication is Paramount to Success

Communication is Paramount to Successblack t shirt

First off, what is communication? Is it someone talking to someone else or sending an email to an associate or friend? What is intrapersonal communication? Talking to oneself; is that communication also or just noise? We are inundated with input from a huge variety of sources today and much of what we hear we call communication. Does it matter what state you are in while retrieving this input? Does it matter if your nurse chicago bears hawaiian shirt are comfortable or if they are too small and making you concentrate on how your feet hurt.

Isn’t communication a sending and a receiving of input. Have you communicated just by sending an email? Doesn’t the nurse wearing her Cherokee workwear scrubs have to read it before it can be called communication? What about calling someone and leaving a voice mail; is that communication? Or what if a husband hears the voice mail and forgets to tell his wife that her best friend called; is that communication?

Does wearing cheap nursing scrubs communicate to others that you are frugal? Would it not depend on who the others are and what their perspective is? The same goes for body language in regards to who is interpreting the message. Some people you may not want to interpret what you are sending. They may completely misread your intention so have you communicated? This is food for thought; there are really no correct answers. The thing we should keep in mind is that communication is paramount to success. You need to be able to communicate with others to survive in the world today.

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