Consistency With Discipline

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Consistency with Discipline is 100% Effective

Before I begin, it’s only fair to let the you know that I’m neither a doctor of child psychology, nor am I an educator. I am simply a housewife and mother of two daughters which are now the ages of sixteen and twelve. The following is based on what I have experienced in early parenthood.

Believe it or not, discipline is not about punishing. It is about teaching and it must be done by setting patterns. This means setting consequences every time a child makes a poor choice. If a child sees consequences in one situation and not in another, they won’t see a pattern and most likely they will continue on this path. This will also happen if you don’t follow through. For instance, you told your child that they lost their phone privileges for a whole day and just after two hours, you let them talk on the phone.

You must not back down or again, they will continue on this path of making poor choices. Spanking doesn’t work because all they are being left with is a red bottom. Nothing is being taken away to make them think about their choice. Pay attention to what they enjoy doing. It may be their video games, iPod or cell phone. You can one or all these privileges away, but make sure you follow through. If you say, “Two days”, don’t give it back to them after one or they will call your bluff next time.

Consistency also applies when good choices are made. We all like being praised and this is very important in early child development. Praising a child every time he or she make s a good choice will only motivate them to continue making good choices. A child may demonstrate good manners by saying,”please” and “thank you”. You can respond by saying, “I’m so proud of you for being so polite.” That child will be just as proud of him or herself.

When I use the word, praise, I’m referring to verbal praise. We must not feel we need to spend money on a reward or we will go broke and we don’t want that.

I promise that verbal praise will go very far if used every time. Remember, consequences should be made when ever a poor choice is made and verbal praise when ever a good choice is made. Consistency is the key to discipline and one hundred percent effective.

write by Venn

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