Counting Down the Many Benefits of Tennis for Kids

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Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world today. Every kid, while growing up, dreamed of becoming a sport personality, and being a tennis star in one of them. Tennis as a fitness could change the lifestyle of any kid. More parents nowadays are considering tennis as a good sport for their kids. Any tennis trainer or coach can testify the long list of benefits the sport of tennis could give to a child. Aside from fitness the obvious, the sport of tennis has much to offer including valuable lessons that can be used in our daily lives.

Developing the mental aspect

A child, who plays tennis at an early age, shows amazing energy levels in their everyday activity. Improved self esteem is mostly associated with young tennis players, the sports might not be team oriented but most of these players have a lot of respect towards each other. Tennis teaches the child how to handle pressure not only in the tennis court, but could also be applied in real life situations. Mental development is enhanced while playing tennis. The sport does not only require physical skills, but also needs mental aspect as well. In tennis, you cannot just beat opponents via skills; kids could develop their mental alertness through tactics and strategies coaches and trainers share to them.

Let’s get physical

We all talk about how tennis could improve the fitness of children. So what exactly does the sport of tennis contribute to the physical aspect of the child?

Flexibility is an important physical attribute in playing tennis. At a tender age, the child can develop his or her flexibility. Playing tennis improves many muscles in the body; swinging the racket back and forth is very beneficial to hand muscles; constant movement in the court could develop the child’s leg muscles. Fitness experts also believe that while playing tennis, back muscles are strengthened. Tennis could also improve the well being of the heart, and the bones of young children are strengthened lowering the risk of osteoporosis as they get older. Weight loss can be easily be achieved while playing tennis.

Going social and emotional

Tennis demands discipline, a kid must have this trait in order to be good in tennis. Coaches and trainers don’t want to see their players practice regularly. The value of hard work is greatly emphasized in the sport of tennis, a player might be as talented as other players but due to hard work he or she can surpass expectations. Tennis sharpens the rational thinking of the child through formulating strategies and tactics against opposing opponents. Sportsmanship is learned by the child at a young age through tennis, in this way the child learn s how to accept defeat, and by doing so he or she is motivated to work harder in order to achieve goals.

The most important aspect of tennis to a kid is that playing the game is fun. Learning the sport of tennis is difficult, but parents should not forget that kids are entitled to have fun. After all tennis is a game.

write by Selina

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