Cowl Neck Top – Free sewing patterns


Jersey fabricCoordinating sewing threadFusible hemming tape

Dimensions List

Custom sized

First measure your hips. Cut a rectangle from jersey fabric with the width as half your hip measurement, plus an extra 8cm, by the length you would like your tunic to be, plus 3cm for the hem and 6cm for the facings at the top (9cm in total). This will be the back of the tunic [1].

For the front, adapt the back pattern so the top is 16cm wider (8cm either side), but the base and length should measure the same. Angle the side edges down to the base [2]. Cut this shape from jersey.

Lay the front and back pieces together with the right sides facing. The base and side edges should match together, the front at the top will be larger to create the cowl effect [3]. Stitch across each shoulder seam with a stretch stitch, using the diagram which indicates the seam allowance and the angle of the seams [4]. Stitch the side edges together with a 4cm seam allowance leaving a 23cm gap down from the shoulder seams for the armholes.

Open and press the large seams allowances to become the facings for the neck and armholes. Use fusible hemming tape to keep the facings in place. Fold and press a 3cm hem and either use hemming tape to secure, or a blind hemming stitch on your sewing machine.