Create Your Very Own One of a Kind Bridal Shoes

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Every bride wants to be totally unique for her wedding day from her hair and makeup to what she wears on her feet.

Wedding shoes can be very expensive, when in fact, they don’t really need to be. Although your feet are probably the last thing people will be looking at, or will remember, you still want to make your own statement. With a little imagination and craft store shopping, you can design a beautiful pair of shoes that will look like a million bucks! You can actually do two pair–one to wear down the aisle, and then a second pair of ballet flats, or even canvas tennis shoes to wear at the reception.

You will need just a few items to complete this project. Lay out the design first, to be sure you before attaching permanently to the shoe. Making changes may prove to be difficult if not impossible without starting over with a new pair of shoes.

One easy thing to do is take a plain white satin pump, and glue a bow made out of 1 1/2 inch wide white satin ribbon to the center of the front with fabric glue. Aileen’s craft glue is a good choice. Make the bow as big or as small as you are comfortable with. Next take two heart shaped cabochons and cover them in a pretty lace, sewing the lace together at the back. Then string some white pearls and sew around the edge of the hearts. Last you can glue some other pearls and ribbon roses on the shoes themselves randomly. This same idea could be used on stilettos, or flats, or for that matter any shoe you choose. You can add as little or as much as you like.

Another great thing to do that is very easy, is to buy some antique rhinestone clip on earrings. Most antique stores have an abundance of these and you usually can find some great deals. Garage sale are another great place to find costume jewelry that could be used for this purpose. Again you could put a bow on the shoe and clip the earring to the center. You can also glue some rhinestones or Swarovski crystals to the shoe in a design of your choice.

Consider gluing appliques, vintage lace, ribbon and flowers to shoes to make them look totally fabulous and definitely one of a kind. The possibilities are endless–just use your imagination!

write by Tim Marshall Jr

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