Creating A Western Ranch Style Home

Creating A Western Ranch Style Home

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A home decorated in the country style can evoke feelings of being on a farm. Decorate your home in the Western style and it’s a totally different feeling. You are now on a ranch, you feel like cowboys and cowgirls could walk through the door at any moment. You know you want this feeling and maybe you even have some ideas for it, but don’t know where to start. Follow along and we’ll see what we can do to help!

There are many items that you can use to give your home that ranch feeling but let’s start first with your walls. Paintings of ranch scenes in rustic looking wood frames are a good start. You can find these just about anywhere art is sold. Try antique stores as well, sometimes you can find a neat old painting in them that would be perfect. If you want to show the humorous, yes humorous side of ranch life try wood or wood look signs with quotes or fun sayings on them. My grandparents had one in their kitchen on a real cattle ranch that said “Cows may come, and cows may go, but the bull around here goes on forever.” This was in the kitchen above the coffee pot. They also had one outside the door saying “Forget the dog, beware of owner!” You may have even seen these around in stores or online. How about a horseshoe mirror, or coat hooks made of horseshoes? Use your imagination and look in antique stores! You would be surprised how much ranch and horse related stuff ends up in antique stores everywhere!

Look for statues to place in various areas around the house as well. Place an old pair of boots, or a boot sculpture by the door. Remington Statues have always been popular but are very expensive. You can find similar sculptures for a lot less money. Candle holders, dishes, vases, lamps, and other kitchen accessories can also be found in the western theme. I’ve even seen a rattlesnake wine bottle holder that would be perfect for a get together with friends! If you really want to get the feeling, and want to buy new furniture, go for leather, faux suede, or a southwestern pattern. Oh yeah, and don’t forget a cowboy hat hanging on a horseshoe hat rack. Make it a double horseshoe rack, add a lariat next to the hat and that pair of boots on the floor below them. To give the outside a western feel place a wagon wheel against a fence or wall in the garden, or you can put an old plow in a flower bed with low growing flowers around it. A wagon wheel and wood bench on the front porch invites guests to sit and enjoy the day. Start with one room and see how that goes. If you like it then have fun with the rest of the house!

write by Samuel

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