Crossstitched Wedding Gifts – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: Aida, 14-count 22cm x32cm; backing, 10cm x 12cmEmbroidery thread,Anchor: lime green (278),rose (41), grey-blue (850),lavender (109),misty green (683)Embroidery hoop or frameWooden photo frame,9cm x 12.5 apertureWaddingLace trim, 25cmRibbon, 25cmScrew eyes or D-rings

Dimensions List

Picture: 8cm x 12.5cmexcluding the frameHeart: 9cm x 11cm

Cross Stitch a Heart

Place a 10cm x 12cm piece of Aida centrally in an embroidery hoop or frame. Thread a blunt-ended tapestry needle with two strands of lavender embroidery thread and, referring to the chart on page 79, begin to stitch the bow.

Use lavender to outline the birds and blue-grey thread for the wings, tummy detail and tail. Finish with rose thread for the beaks and misty green for the eyes. Fill the small, solid heart motif with rose thread and then the larger one. Use lime green thread to stitch the additional details. Remove the fabric from the hoop and press the reverse, under a damp cloth.

Position the embroidered fabric onto a piece of backing material with right sides facing and pin. Use strong sewing thread to backstitch them together, following the outline of the embroidery which will show through the back piece. Ensure the stitches are positioned 6mm to 8mm from the perimeter of the design and leave a 4cm gap along a straight edge.

Cut the heart shape out, 6mm to 8mm from the stitching, and turn through. Stuff the cavity with polyester wadding, then fold in the raw edges and oversew the opening closed. Slightly gather 25cm of lace and hand stitch the straight edge around the back of the heart. To finish, stitch a loop of narrow ribbon to the top for hanging.

Create a Sewn Picture

Mark the centre of an 18cm x 20cm piece of Aida and place the fabric into an embroidery hoop or frame. Thread a blunt-ended tapestry needle with two strands of rose embroidery thread. Referring to the charted design on page 79, begin to fill the solid heart motif before working the outline of the larger one.

Select the appropriate letters from the charted alphabet and embroider these initials onto either side of the heart, using lavender and grey-blue threads. Refer to the image for guidance as to where best to place the letters.

Next embroider the bow in lavender and each little flower in rose and grey-blue. Add the remaining details in lime green thread before removing the fabric from the hoop or frame. Use an iron to press the wrong side of the sampler, under a damp cloth.

Remove the backing board from a photo frame and cut a rectangle of card to fit. Place the card template on the centre-back of the embroidery and trim the fabric with a 5cm border all around, then fold it over the edges of the card. Glue the fabric to the card or lace the edges of the Aida together with thread..

Remove the glass from the frame, position the embroidery inside and replace the backing board. If desired, add two screw-eyes or D-rings to the back and thread with cord for hanging.