Cuckoo Clock Hair Clip Holder – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: felt, assorted colours, cotton, green, redThread, embroidery, complementary coloursFusible webbingRibbon: spotty, gingham, greenLight pulls, wooden, acorn shaped, threeWadding

Create a hair clip holder

Locate the templates and download. Print then cut out the fabric pieces. For the cotton fabric, first iron fusible webbing to the back, then use the template to cut out the shapes. Lay all pieces onto the cuckoo clock using the photos as a guide. Sew the clock face in place, then stitch Roman numeral numbers (at five minute interval marks) and hands, passing a needle through the background fabric.

In the following order, applique the shapes onto the cuckoo clock using blanket or whip stitch: the cuckoo’s door opening, shutters, cuckoo, tree trunks, tree boughs, rabbit, fawn, mushrooms, scalloped base, owl, bird, butterfly wings, flowers, heart shapes on shutters, roof, heart and leaf shapes on peak of roof. Embroider music notes, eyes, smiles and beaks onto the cuckoo, owl, bird, rabbit, and fawn, as applicable. Embroider the butterfly’s body. Finally, stitch the fawn’s white spots, the butterfly’s wing pattern, and the owl’s feathers.

Sew ribbon to the back of the cuckoo clock. Lay down the centre back of the holder, folding over the top end of the ribbon to form a hanger. Pin and sew in place using two rows of small running stitches in embroidery thread to match the fabric. Place further lengths on either side of the middle one so they are equidistant from the edges of the clock and the centre ribbon. Stitch each using two rows of small running stitches.

Thread each ribbon onto a large needle and insert through the light pulls. Knot the ends, and clip the tip into a decorative fork. Pin the front of the cuckoo clock to the back. Sew together using blanket stitch, leaving a small space to lightly fill with toy wadding, before stitching closed.