Current Shoe Trends

Current Shoe Trends

Current Shoe Trendsblack t shirt

The world of st louis cardinals hoodie is constantly offering up trends that evolve and many of us are eager to keep up to date with. Often, with each season, there are new trends popping up and giving rise to influence the mass market. The current trend in women’s st louis cardinals hoodie is for vibrancy and boldness in style, but to not go garish with the colours. This is especially prominent in pumps and espadrilles. The emphasis with heels is more on brighter colours, perfect for standing out on an evening with friends.

In terms of sandals, gladiator style designs are still very much in vogue, along with sequined or fabric straps. Heeled sandals are a strong option for nights out, especially if you aren’t comfortable with heels or stilettos. Embellished sandals are very much in trend at the moment, as are the classic animal print.

Seen in many varieties, animal print such as snake, crocodile, leopard, zebra or tiger give an added wow factor to many pieces of footwear, especially for a glam night out. They suit a range of different designs from heels to pumps and complement many types of attire, formal or not. The animal print can be as bold or subtle as you like, with many different kinds of print in an array of colours.

Peep toes are very big at the moment too and are found in heels, sandals and pumps. A shiny, glossy finish is perfect for the current trend and will suit the peep toe look perfectly. Befitting all occasions, this trend of bold and beautiful is catching on in a big way.

In terms of men’s shoes, then look out for the rise of the classic loafer. Practical, comfortable, yet versatile, this style is still very much in keeping with current trends. The more traditional look is also prevalent in the upsurge of panelled trainers. These could be leather or fabric and create a distinctly more mature feel to a sporting trainer and are very much on trend at the moment.

The other two trends in men’s footwear are the suede brogue and the leather ankle boot in preparation for the winter season. With countless different designs, the brogue is easy to adapt to fit your own personal identity and is always a stylish choice. The ankle boot remains very popular, specifically in black leather and complements many other outfits, with trousers and jeans equally befitting from the boots.

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