Custom Shades – Free sewing patterns


Lampshade to customiseThick white paperFabric glueRibbons, approx 6mPom pom trim, approx 6m

Dimensions List

This project is custom sized

Customise a lampshade

Prepare your lampshade. If the original fabric is very dark or heavily patterned, it is advisable to cover this with a plain cloth or even cut away the old shade and create a new one with thick paper trimmed to suit. Use fabric glue to affix the paper into place.

Cut your desired trimmings into lengths 2cm longer than the circumference of the lampshade. If you are working with satin ribbons, it is wise to seal the cut edges with a flame to prevent fraying.

Wrap the lengths of chosen trimming around the circumference of the lampshade, securing them in place with small dabs of glue as you work. If you are using wide ribbons, ensure that the strips overlap slightly to provide even coverage.

Once all the trimmings have been secured, neaten the joins at the back of the shade, using dots of glue to affix any stray trims.