CVA Brace – AFOs Vs WalkAide – Article on Orthopedic Supports and Walking Devices

CVA Brace - AFOs Vs WalkAide - Article on Orthopedic Supports and Walking Devices

CVA Brace - AFOs Vs WalkAide - Article on Orthopedic Supports and Walking Devicesblack t shirt

Have you suffered a CVA and want to learn more about braces?

Are you interested in learning more about the difference between an AFO and The WalkAide?

1.) Introduction

If you have suffered from a CVA you may have walking problems as a result. You may think this is an understatement. – You are the one who has to live with these issues and we aim to help you as best we can with this article. This article was written by a health professional in the field of orthotics, so you know you are getting brace information “from the horse’s mouth”.

2.) The Similarities Between AFOs and The WalkAide

First we want to stress that each of these devices mentioned earlier, an AFO and WalkAide, can help a person walk better. In essence, each device will help hold a person’s foot up when they walk, if that is all that is needed. With each device, a person using an AFO or WalkAide will not have to hold anything, such as a cane. They could use a cane if they want to, but these devices are something a person does not hold. In this way, a person can avoid being labeled as “disabled” by their peers. Moreover, both the WalkAide and an AFO can be covered by the use of a pair of pants. This means that these devices are more discreet and the reason why most people do not see more AFOs and WalkAides is the fact that they are easily concealed.

3.) Comparing AFOs and The WalkAide

To start, AFOs are usually made of plastic. Sometimes they are made from metal and leather, but this is not usually the case. An AFO also needs to be used in conjunction with a shoe. Either inside the shoe or attached to a shoe, for best function. The benefits of an AFO are that they can provide help hold a person’s foot up when they walk, but they can also provide side to side stability at the ankle, while also providing indirect support to the knee. Walking speed can increase and people will have less of an incidence of falling when they use a well made AFO, in many cases. AFOs have been used for decades to help people walk better.

The WalkAide, on the other hand, is a new product. This does not mean that it is bad by any means. It is FDA approved and uses electrical stimulation to help the foot come up when someone walks. You do not have to worry about veteran hoodies not working with respect to the WalkAide. Unlike traditional AFOs, a WalkAide is placed much higher on the lower leg. Side to side ankle stability is not the main goal of this device, nor is knee stability a main benefit of this brace. The WalkAide is however getting a lot of attention in the medical field and can help many people with a CVA walk better, if they have foot drop. Many people can benefit, but not everyone is a candidate for a WalkAide, when they have foot drop.

Note: This is health information. For medical advice on AFOs and the WalkAide, consult your local, licensed orthotist.

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