Dad Glasses Case – Free sewing patterns


Fabric, linen or cotton: brown, 11cm x 42cm; blue, 11cm x 42cm plus extra for main letter; checked, 11cm x 16cmInterfacing, medium weight, 11cm x 42cmWebbing, fusibleThread: machine, brown; embroidery, blueWadding, 4ozButtons, wooden, 1.5cm diameter, twoPress studs, clear, two Disappearing fabric pen

Dimensions List

9.5cm x 18.5cm (when closed)

Sew a glasses case

Cut brown fabric, blue lining, fusible interfacing and wadding, all measuring 11cm x 42cm. Iron the interfacing onto the wrong side of the main fabric.

Draw two rectangles measuring 7cm x 11cm and 9cm x 11cm onto fusible webbing. Iron them onto checked fabric and cut out. Iron the 7cm x 11cm rectangle onto one end of main fabric on the right side, then measure down 12.5cm and iron on the other rectangle. Using brown thread and a wide zig zag stitch, machine across all 11cm edges of the checked fabric apart from the end one.

Download and print the template and draw the letter ‘D’ in reverse onto fusible webbing, roughly cut out then iron onto the same blue fabric as the lining. Using the picture as a guide, iron into place then using brown thread and a slightly narrower zig zag stitch, machine around the outside edges of the letter.

Using a disappearing fabric pen, draw on the rest of the text – do this either freehand or by using a lightbox to trace through. Use blue embroidery thread to sew the letters in back stitch.

Lay the wadding, followed by the lining and main fabric all on top of one another with the right sides facing together. Trim the top two corners that have the checked fabric appliqued onto them to create a curved edge. Pin together and machine around the edge leaving a 10cm gap for turning.

Trim the corners, snip curves, then turn through. Press and sew closed the gap. Fold up the pouch so that the top flap sits just above the lettering and the top edges of the checked fabric rectangle match front and back. Hand sew up both sides, just catching the lining so it forms a stripe down the sides. Position the buttons and attach using thread that matches the lining, then sew the press studs into place.