Dad Tattoo – Soft Baby Shoes For the Dad’s Pet

Dad Tattoo - Soft Baby Shoes For the Dad's Pet

Dad Tattoo - Soft Baby Shoes For the Dad's Petblack t shirt

My daughter is her dad’s pet! Even I was like that in my childhood, my mother said. If I had to say something about my daughter, I would say she is quite active. May be that’s why I was not able to manage her with the fracture I got in my right hand. I should appreciate my husband for sacrificing his time to make her happy and engaged. He used to buy gifts often to for our kid. One day, he got a cute little pack and gave it to our daughter. When she opened it, she saw a pair of soft baby new york yankees hoodie and was so excited about it. The “Cherries on White” baby girl new york yankees hoodie become her favorite new york yankees hoodie after that.

The soft baby new york yankees hoodie looked so pretty with those cherry designs. Every day we used to go for an evening walk to a nearby park and my little one would always wear them. I used to sit on a bench and watch her play and enjoy in the park. The cute little baby new york yankees hoodie was really strong and it didn’t wear off even after using them nearly every day.

While playing with our baby, my hubby also used to teach her little things like painting, building blocks, cutting shapes, and so on. She is two and a half years now, but very good at learning new things. She not only loves her father, but also obeys him. She helps him clean the garage and water the plants. The cute little lady is indeed a pleasure to be with. To appreciate her love for her dad, I thought I too should get a gift for my little tot. I got her a pair of soft baby shoes. Wondering what so special about another pair of shoes? These new york yankees hoodie had “dad” tattooed on it. I was so sure that my daughter will love to have them.

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