Dance Lesson – A Checklist For the New Student

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So you’re excited about your first dance lesson? That’s great because studying dance can be a lot of fun. But slow down for a second. Are you prepared for your first lesson? It’s important to start out on the right foot. You’ll enjoy your class more if you prepare for it in advance.

Here’s a checklist of some things to do before your first big lesson:

* Make sure you have the proper attire. Some clothes are inappropriate for dancing. You wouldn’t wear high heels to a tap dancing class. A ball gown wouldn’t be appropriate for a ballet class. Check with your instructor or school officials to find out what you should wear to class.

* Get water and a towel. Depending on the type of class you’re taking, you might need a water bottle and a towel. If you plan on sweating, take a towel to dry yourself and water or Gatorade to replenish yourself when you’re done.

* Get a gym bag. If you’ll be attending class before or after work, take a gym bag so you can change clothes. You don’t want to dance up a sweat in your nice office clothes. Also, take a towel, shower shoes, lotion, and deodorant if you’ll be taking a shower after class.

* Get the proper shoes. The type of dance you’re studying will determine what type of shoes you need. Belly dancers usually go barefoot. Tap dancer wear tap shoes. Make sure your feet are in step with the class.

* Get enough rest the night before class. You need to be alert and well rested for dance class. You won’t have a good time if you’re too tired to dance. You will also find it hard to concentrate on the moves if you’re sluggish.

You don’t necessarily have to do everything on the checklist. Find the ones that apply to you and do them. Preparing for your first dance lesson will make things easier on the day of class.

write by Alden

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