Dating Tips – Holiday Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

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The holiday season is upon us once again! With all of the bustle and anticipation surrounding Christmas, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement. ‘Tis the season to deck our halls and houses – and ourselves – in full Christmas regalia. The holiday season is notorious for bringing out a heightened sense of fashion in people, be it naughty or nice.

During the holidays, the term “nothing to wear” can take on a whole new meaning. The holidays are full of prospective situations for fashion disasters – work parties, family dinners, gatherings with visiting friends and family – for some people, it’s all too much to deal with.

However, with a little guidance, you can avoid committing the most common Christmastime fashion faux-pas. Look your best this season, with the following tips:

The Top 3 Holiday Fashion Mistakes

1. Too Much Skin
It’s the wintertime. Unless you live south of, or close to the equator, that means the temperature outside is anywhere from cold to frigid. Short skirts and open backs look great in winter issue magazine, but in the real world of cold weather and snow they just look ridiculous. And that goes for open-toed shoes as well. If you want to feel sexier, or more revealing during the holidays, put away your miniskirt and tube top, and opt instead for off the shoulder or halter tops, lace coverage (where you would normally show bare skin), a slit in your skirt, or tights instead of bare legs.

2. Too Much Glitter
‘Tis the season for shimmer, glitter, and sparkle! There aren’t many opportunities during the year to embrace so much glitz over such a long period of time, so it’s perfectly natural to want to indulge in all the twinkle that comes with Christmas. There is no shortage of shiny apparel during the holidays, so don’t fight it, just don’t overdo it. Keep to the 20% rule: No more than 20% of your outfit should be metallic, sparkly, or glittery. Choose a top that is edged with sequins or glitter, versus a whole top of shine. Opt instead for accessories that sparkle, versus base pieces. This way, you can also use the items year round – you are more likely to wear a gold belt again, versus a red and gold sequined halter. Remember too, if you are full figured, busty or hippy, avoid large amounts of glitter. The bright shine accentuates volume.

3. Too Much Red and Green
Like glitter, there are essentially no other holidays during the year where you can wear Red and Green together, so it’s normal to embrace the shades for one month of the year. Similarly, don’t overdo it. Wearing all red or all green, or all red and green are fine, just as long as you stick to non-offensive shades if you’re wearing them as your main colors. The most common red and green offense happens when people mix too many shades of one or both colors together. Try to stick to one shade of red and one shade of green per outfit. You can’t combine any and every shade of green with any and every shade of red just because it’s the holidays. Tone down your tones.

Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean you can be tacky! Stay away from these top holiday fashion faux pas, and you will be perfectly attired for every event this holiday season.

write by Darius

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