Dave Dachshund – Free sewing patterns


Flora fat quarterFabric: plain, green, 10cm x 20cmThread, sewing, coordinatingToy stuffingButtons: black, 8mm, two;12mm, one

Dimensions List

12cm x 27cm

Dave Dachshund

Print out the templates. Cut two bodies, two bellies and two ears (with one of each reversed) and a head gusset from your Flora fat quarter. Cut two ears (with one of each reversed) from green fabric. Note that the templates include a 6mm seam allowance.

Pin the plain and floral ears together in pairs with right sides facing. Machine stitch around the curved edges, leaving the top unstitched. Clip into the seam allowance at the curves, then turn through. Ease out the seams and press lightly.

With the floral side upwards, pin one ear to each side body and tack in place. Pin the head gusset to one body, between points A and B, with right sides facing. Stitch together along the seam line.

With right sides facing, pin the two bellies together around the legs, from C to D. Stitch, leaving a gap between E and F. Press the seam allowance open on either side of this gap.

With right sides facing, pin one side of the joined belly piece to the body with the gusset attached, matching points C and D. Machine stitch between these points leaving the seam allowance at each end unstitched.

Pin and tack the second body in place, with right sides facing, carefully matching the edges. Stitch all the way around, then clip into the inside curves so that they will open out properly.

Turn right side out and ease out all the seams. Stuff gently through the gap, using a pencil to push small clumps of filling to the tip of the tail and into the head. Slip stitch the gap securely.

Sew small buttons to the side of the head where indicated and fix a large one to the tip of the snout. If gifting to a small child, embroider instead.