Daystar Makes Lift and Leveling Kits Plus Accessories for Trucks and Jeeps

Daystar Makes Lift and Leveling Kits Plus Accessories for Trucks and Jeeps

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Daystar makes lift and leveling kits plus accessories for trucks and Jeeps. The accessories they offer are parts that shops would use to extract the best possible performance from your vehicle. Everything Daystar makes will exceed factory design and quality, like:

  • High quality rack and pinion bushings
  • Super shackles
  • Polyurethane kits
  • Spring & Shackle bushing kits
  • Motor & transmission mounts
  • Cab & body mounts
  • Tie rod & ball joint boots
  • Sway bar & end links
  • Control arms
  • Radius arms
  • Lubricant
  • Universal kits
  • Dash panels
  • Firewall boots
  • Stinger bump stops
  • Air bag cradles
  • Shock boots
  • Winch & jack accessories
  • Hood pin kits
  • Shock & steering stabilizer armor

Daystar makes its products for most trucks on the market today. Find products for:

  • Chevy trucks
  • Dodge trucks
  • Ram trucks
  • Ford trucks
  • GMC trucks
  • Hummer
  • Jeep
  • Kia
  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • Smart
  • Toyota

Wait a minute… Smart cars? Yes that’s right, it’s not a typo. Daystar makes performance parts and accessories for Smart cars too. You can get a lift kit for your Smart Car! In fact, all the products listed above are available for Smart Cars. Personally have you ever seen a lifted Smart car? I know you’re not alone if you say no, but you’d love to see it. So would a lot of people!

Daystar’s Cam Can

This thing is genius! It’s actually won awards and once you see what it does, you’ll know why. It’s a storage box that fits inside your spare tire. Actually let’s call it a trail box. It’s rugged, durable storage that goes anywhere your truck goes and mounts on any spare tire. It mounts directly to the spare on the back of your Jeep or truck. You can even stack them. They hold liquid – up to 2 gallons. Or, you can buy the one that serves as a tool box. There’s also one that holds a first aid kit. How about storing a tow rope in there? Very possible since the Cam Can is very flexible in what it can do to improve your life. The Cam Cans lock right onto the shaft that holds your spare tire in place on the back of your vehicle. They’re also lockable and secure. Just another great idea from a great American company.

Daystar’s Super Shackles

If you do any off-roading or if you drive your truck or Jeep as hard as humanly possible, the Super Shackles might be for you. They come in both greasable and non-greasable versions. They are strong as anything and allow you a stiff ride when bouncing over the roughest terrain so you don’t bottom out or kill your suspension. With a name like the “Rock Crusher”, these shackles will keep you moving forward with superior traction. You can get Rock Crushers for towing, too. Or just install them to replace your stock issue parts even if you never leave the road, just for an improved driving experience. Your ride will be stronger and more stable and you’ll never want to go back!

Daystar also makes products for motocross bikes and mountain bikes… which are also all about rough road and hard drivin’.

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