So you’ve finally come to a point in your life where the clutter must go. I remember a few years ago when I made the decision to declutter my house. I was tired of tripping over things in the floor, trying to find my favorite beamng live, and constantly being late for work.

The frustration of the phone ringing and trying to locate it before they hung up would drive me crazy. You could forget about changing the TV channel at my place. I have lost so many remotes in my messy home its unbelievable.

Like I said, this was a few years ago and since then things have changed. I have to admit I was at a point in my life where I thought it would never change, but it did. I want to share with you the #1 tip that pointed me in the right direction.

You may not recognize it, but you have a problem. The very first thing you must do is admit that. I have seen so many people say ” please don’t look at my house it’s such a mess”. Here’s what there really saying when they make a statement like that.

I don’t look at my house because its such a mess and I don’t want you to either. Does this sounds like you? If so, it should have sent off a red flag that you have some issues. Once you get real with yourself. You realize this is not about having a few items laying around that you don’t need.

After the reality sets in then you start thinking about how you can take control, get your life back, and declutter your house. Trust me when I say, that you have defeated the biggest problem already. When the truth comes out and you realize the issue at hand the rest will come easy.

What happens is you start to feel some motivation. This is good because from my experience in decluttering my own house, you must have motivation. I think people get stuck in a depressed and hopeless state of mind and they think things will never change.

The motivation will over take you and you will have to start somewhere. The best thing to do is pick a room and just start. Once you clean up the clutter in one room you’ll start feeling confident that you can do the same in the rest of the house. Just remember that conquering the clutter bug is not impossible. It really comes down to will power and the ability to press through and over come.

write by Thomas Kyles