Decorated Kids’ T-shirt – Free sewing patterns


T-shirt: white, shop boughtInterfacing: fusible, 20cm squareFabric pensEmbroidery hoopEmbroidery threads: red, yellow, green, blueEmbroidery needle

Dimensions List

This project is custom sized

Create a Boat Motif

Locate the boat template on this website and cut around the circle. Position the template inside the T-shirt and when you are happy with the placement secure with pins.

Use the fabric pens to draw the outline of the motif. Using blue for the outer circle, alternating blue and green for the waves, and yellow for the sun. Sketch on the outline for the boat in green, the sails in blue and red, and the details in yellow and green. These lines will become the guides for you to stitch along.

Use the template to cut a circle from fusible interfacing and affix to the inside front of the T-shirt with a warm iron, positioning it behind the motif that you have drawn to stabilise the fabric.

Place the T-shirt into an embroidery hoop ensuring that the design is centred within the frame. Using the fabric pens, begin to colour in the details of the design using the photograph as a guide.

Thread the embroidery needle with a length of blue embroidery cotton and begin working around the outer circle of the design using backstitch. Work the sun in yellow using backstitch.

Complete the design by working the detail of the boat using yellow, blue and red threads. Remove the T-shirt from the hoop and press to finish.