Designer Scarfs – The Perfect Accessory To Adorn Your Neck

Designer Scarfs - The Perfect Accessory To Adorn Your Neck

Designer Scarfs - The Perfect Accessory To Adorn Your Neckblack t shirt

Scarfs are made in different fabrics such as wool, cashmere, silk, cotton, etc. One can find innumerable designs in scarfs printed on various colours. Some people like stripes whereas some others like bold animal prints.

Scarfs are created by a number of high-end designer labels. Some of the prominent brands include:


An Italian brand which is adored by celebrities and fashionistas, Fendi has been creating exceptionally trendy merchandise since 1925. A stylish Fendi scarf will enhance any outfit. Check out the Zucca print scarf, which is extremely soft and light-weight. Made from silk-wool, this fringe scarf has the stylish Zucca print all over it. Another chic option that you can even wear to work on a cold winter day is a basic brown scarf made out of wool.

Wear a Fendi scarf and carry their iconic handbag and you are assured to receive compliments galore.


This luxury French brand has an amazing collection of square scarfs for women in materials such as silk, wool, chiffon, etc. The designs are endless, right from delicate floral prints, gothic, leopard print, ornamental to shaded hues. The Givenchy signature scarf is ideal for those who are looking for a simple yet classy scarf.

It has the brand logo repeating on it. Created from virgin wool and available in purple, this scarf offers a cosy allure.


London’s street urban style is reflected in Burberry’s collection of accessories, which are youthful and effortlessly stylish. This British designer label has an distinct range of scarfs in chequered prints for men and women.

Every girl would love to own a cashmere scarf, which is both soft and provides warmth. Cashmere scarfs from Burberry are made in classic checked prints with some of them having a fringe. Yet another timeless scarf having a plaid design is their lush merino wool scarf in military red.

Men can also opt for cashmere or linen scarfs, which have slightly bigger checks and are offered in shades such as white, charcoal, brown, etc.

Roberto Cavalli

Yet another Italian fashion house that is known worldwide for its exotic prints and exceptional designs. You will find a comprehensive collection of designer scarfs created in silk that would look great with casual attire. A basic green scarf that’s made from high quality wool will not only keep you warm but will also add a dash of colour to a t- new york yankees viking armor hoodie or a blouse. If you want a mix of colours, the exotic flower scarf in silk and in an animal print is perfect.

Even though a wide range of scarfs spoil you for choice, they also tend to make it challenging for you to spot the right scarf. Therefore, you should keep these factors in mind:

  • If you are looking for a scarf for outerwear, select styles that are thick and give warmth. Such scarfs are generally closely knit
  • The length of the scarf is important. Try the long and short scarfs and then take your pick
  • For those who wish to wear a scarf as a fashion accessory, silk is the best option

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