Destructive Dog Chewing – How to Control Destructive Dog Chewing

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There are three main reasons why your dog loves to chew. It is also a way for him to explore his world around him. First it is a fun thing for him to do. It helps pass the time of day and if he is chewing on something that taste good so much the better. An other reason that your dog loves to chew is that he is under exercised. It is a way for him to get rid of excess energy. And last chewing is done because he is bored and provides comfort to him when he does it. It is when he is doing destructive dog chewing is when you better watch out for those jaws your dog has for the fact he can destroy any item he wants with them. With them he can make short work of the items he gets his teeth around. So those new Nikes that look so good to chew on right now and they will be history in a little while. So you better get control of his destructive dog chewing or you can end up with a problem.

1) Start by dog proofing your home. Get all your things off the floor. Don’t give him any chance to think about chewing your stuff.

2) Prevent your dog from learning what a joy it is to chew on your stuff. Don’t let him target your items to do destructive dog chewing on, The more times he can get his jaws on illegal items the faster he will develop a taste for destructive dog chewing.

3) Don’t cause a problem for your dog to learn by setting up false boundaries. Don’t give him your old shoes to chew on or your old towels and old jeans. You can not expect your dog to be able to distinguish between what is OK to chew on or not to chew on.

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