Die-cut shoe clips – Free sewing patterns


Fabric: taffeta scrapsSizzix BigShot MachineSizzix BigShot Dies, Flower, 3D wrapped (657116)Shoe or hair clips, smallPair of plain shoes or pumps

Dimensions List

This project is custom sized

Make a Rosette

Measure the diameter of the smaller flower shape on the BigShot Die, then cut scraps of taffeta material into squares that are 1cm larger than this. Stack eight of these pre-cut fabric squares together and position over the smaller flower shape.

Sandwich the die and fabric between a pair of cutting plates and run through the BigShot machine to cut out the motifs. Repeat this process until you have a 16 separate flower shapes in total.

Take the first cut shape and sew small running stitch along the inside curve of the flower. Gather up the running stitch and loosely curl the flower into a tube to make the centre of the bloom.

Secure with a few hand stitches, leaving the needle and thread attached. Take the next cut shape and sew running stitch around the centre curve as before. Push the fabric up to the flower centre, arranging the gathers around it, then stitch in place. Fold the third cut shape into four and stitch to the base to the centre core that is forming.

Continue folding and sewing the petals to the centre, ensuring that they are arranged evenly around the outside and securing at the base of each one so that the tops can fan out attractively. As the folded petals are added the flower should begin to form a neat dome shape reminiscent of a carnation.

Once you are satisfied with the number of petals you can stitch the flower to a small hair clip or specialist shoe clip with a double thickness of thread. Repeat to make a pair, using the same number of pre-cut shapes as before.