Discover the Beautiful Cox’s Bazar Beach of Bangladesh

Discover the Beautiful Cox's Bazar Beach of Bangladesh

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Cox’s Bazar is considered as the longest beach in the world, with a total of 121 kilometer length sea beach. The beach is located in the south division of Bangladesh, also known as the Cox’s Bazar district. The name Cox’s Bazar was derived from its founder, Captain Cox. He founded the very attractive beach in 1798. The Cox’s Bazar beach started only as a small port and health resort.

Though the beach is considered to be the longest beach in the world, it has been the least crowded among the other beaches. Here, visitors can enjoy the relaxing breeze of the ocean and the peacefulness of the place. The weather here is always in a good condition so people can visit here anytime of the year.

The Cox’s beach bazar definitely has the finest leisure it can offer to each of its visitors. People can take a timely stroll along the lengthened stretch of the beach and enjoy the view of the amazing seascape. Visitors can also enjoy water sport activities like scuba diving, surfing, and try some boat rides.

The beach is well appreciated during sunsets and sunrise, where people can witness the sea as it changes its colors twice in a day. There are also establishments around the beach where visitors can shop for fine handmade clothes, shoes, dresses, and other fancy showpieces. Cox’s Beach Bazar also offers the finest foods. There are restaurants around the area offering the finest foods for its guests.

There are also other wonderful places to see around the Cox’s beach bazar. One of these is the beautiful Himarachi waterfall, located 18 kilometer south of Cox’s Bazar sea beach. This is the most visited place in the district, with its beautiful refreshing green hills and the wonderful water fall, where visitors can bathe and swim apart from the sea itself. Another is the Moheshkhali Island near the Cox’s beach bazar coast. The island can be reached via speedboat. Here, visitors can view the breath-taking view of the island. With the bright green color of its mangrove forest that will surely amaze everyone who come to see the place. This is definitely the next best thing to explore after one’s beach trip.

Cox’s Beach Bazar really is the place best recommended for people who seeks for serene and relaxing vacation. Every Cox’s Beach Bazar trip will surely please and satisfy everyone who visits here.

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