Disney Cruise Preparation in Advance

Disney Cruise Preparation in Advance

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A Cruise of Disney. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime traveling experience! It can give you unforgettable memories that you would cherish for many years afterward. However, if you’re not well-prepared, it can also turn into a disastrous holiday. This is a vacation at the ocean, a long way from home. Even if cast members try to provide everything that you need, it’s never really EVERYTHING that you need! Don’t get trapped in a nightmare. Prepare ahead of time so that you can really enjoy your cruise.

Some important points to remember:

– If you have any ongoing medical condition, ask your doctor to write down your medical history. Don’t forget to bring your medicines and your doctor’s note along with you. The cruise provides general medicines, but it may not be suitable for you or your children. Also, consult your doctor as to how to treat any potential seasickness.

– Leave your detailed contact information and itinerary schedule with your family members at home or your friends. 

– Be prepared to arrive at the embarkation area at least two hours prior to sailing. This is to make sure that you have ample time to check in and to go through all of the security procedures. Especially if you travel by plane to the embarkation area, make sure that you leave enough time between your arrival time and the cruise boarding time.

What do you need to pack?

Comfortable clothes. Jeans, shorts, sports wears, T-shirts. You will need all of these comfortable clothes while enjoying your getaway on board.

A tuxedo (for men) and gown/dresses (for women). This optional cloth will be needed if you want to have a date or a romantic dinner at Palo restaurant (adult-only restaurant).

Swimsuit. There are 3 pools within Disney Cruise, so you’ll regret it if you don’t bring any swimwear.  

Sandals. This is a must-bring item.

Shoes for exclusive events, such as dining in Palo.

Sweater and Jacket. Most cruises have powerful air conditioning, and you probably need them.

Sun glasses and sunscreen. What else can I say? It’s a nightmare if you don’t bring this.

Camera, extra memory card, charger, etc.

Small back pack for visa, passport, medications, cruise documents, cash, credit/debit cards, business documents, health insurance information, laptops, license, cell phones, binoculars, CD, and Mp3 Players.

Finally, some tips for choosing your luggage: 

It is highly recommended that you bring a hard-sided luggage instead of garment bags with hanger hooks protruding from the top since the latter one may snag and become damaged. A hard-sided luggage is sturdier when they are accidentally dashed down. Be aware that finding your luggage can be a hard task if you own one of the more popular brands or models. Differentiate your luggage from other guests by attaching an obvious and unique mark, such as a colorful ribbon. Put a card name outside and inside luggage in case it becomes lost.

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