No matter what the situation is, whether you just met the guy or you’re on your first date, you have to remember to just be yourself.

Don’t tense up. And don’t do a hundred weird little things to give him the impression that you feel nervous around him or you’re not really being yourself.

Stop smiling nervously.

Stop fidgeting.

And stop agreeing with his opinion ALL THE TIME.

Just relax girlfriend.

Acting all nervous and tense can instantly drive the guy running the other end faster than you can say “I haven’t been kissed in months!”

In addition, don’t think too much about how you’re date is going. Thinking too much about what can happen next can detain you from the experience of being in the present. Just talk to him as if you’re talking to a friend, this’ll enable you to relax and be spontaneous.

Mess with his head.

Yep, you heard me right. MESS WITH HIS HEAD.

Bust his chops.

Tease your way into his heart.

Make it evident that you’re in control of the circumstances . . . and of yourself.

And if something goes wrong, just stay calm.

For example, you might accidentally drop your wine on his nice choo choo charles or you might accidentally deck him square on the jaw or you might even unwittingly blab on way too much information about your quirky habits.

If any of these accidentally happen to you, don’t take it personally, just chalk it up as a minor slip-up and move on. Don’t worry, everyone goes through them at least once in their lives so you’re not alone.

The sad thing is, do you know what most women do when unexpected things like this happen? They usually say to themselves, ” I knew it, I blew it again. Why can’t I attract the guys that I want? Why do I have to blow it every single time? I think I’ll just be alone forever . . .”

Now you don’t want to be like that right?

Therefore, just CHARGE every mistake to EXPERIENCE.

You know where you made your mistake right? Therefore, learn from the experience and strive to do things differently with the next man you encounter.

write by Farrer