Do You Know Why Russian Women Like Western Men?

Do You Know Why Russian Women Like Western Men?

Do You Know Why Russian Women Like Western Men?black t shirt

Every Russian woman who considers becoming a Western bride has her own reasons. But there are some generally recurrent reasons for the women in Russia to contemplate a Western marriage. The reasons why Russian women like western men can be deduced by looking at the current state of Russian society.

There is a misconception among Western people over the age of sixty that Russian women are solidly built and dressed in dull brown colors. From their unattractive headscarves to their clumpy barnyard shoes, their appearance is thought to be uninspiring at best. But this picture is not accurate at all. Back in the sixties and seventies this description became ingrained in the Western mind. However, it has not reflected the appearance of Russian women for many years.

Beauty aside, Russian women are well educated and professionally trained in many areas. However their lives are greatly affected by the lack of marriageable men available. Russia’s long term involvement in disastrous wars has rendered its society lacking in men. Also, Russian men are not noted for longevity. Many new young widows are left to raise families when their husbands die young. Socially, it is frowned upon for Russian women to remain single beyond a certain age. These factors, among others cause many a Russian woman to wonder if Mr. Right awaits her in the West.

Russian society has a strong, male authoritarian history. For many centuries, women were treated as chattels and had neither rights nor any way out of their predicament. Russia was not alone in their mistreatment of women. Apparently, many of the men there have not yet begun to modernise their attitudes. Western men are by no means perfect in this regard. However, many of them are closer to achieving an understanding of women’s needs.

During the time of the formation of the U.S.S.R. The women of Russia were freed from their subservient positions to a degree. They were now able to do any work that a man could do. This was an improvement, in some ways. But many women were not happy to find themselves suddenly expected to accept a lifetime of menial labor. Many Russian women are better educated than the men. But they are not always welcomed into the lucrative professional jobs they are suited for. Russian women like the idea of being more able to use all their abilities when living in Western family settings.

Russian women want what most women want. They aspire to have a home, a family and possibly a job that does not require body building. And they want love, of course. Many feel that Western men are more emotionally responsive.

These are some of the reasons why Russian women like Western men. There are many others. When Russian women can find suitable men at home, they will probably be more content to stay there. In the meantime, Western men benefit from the ongoing flow of attractive, smart and family minded women into their lives.

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