Does Learning by "Osmosis" Really Work?

Does Learning by "Osmosis" Really Work?

Does Learning by "Osmosis" Really Work?black t shirt

What do I mean by learning by “osmosis?” Osmosis is really a scientific term relating to the flow of fluids through a semi-permeable membrane. With respect to learning, it means a gradual, often unconscious process of assimilation. The term has been applied to “sleep learning,” but I’m using it in a broader sense here to refer to “unconscious learning.”

When we first learn how to speak, we learn from being around other people and simply picking it up by repetition–by osmosis–from people who already know how to speak. Most of us do not have to go to school to learn our native language. We simply pick it up because it is all around us. It doesn’t matter what the language is: English, French, Chinese…if it is what everyone else is speaking, we automatically pick up the basics when we are children.

The same is true about other things in our environment. It’s often how effective marketing campaigns are created. Companies will find celebrity opinion leaders and pay them to use their products. A classic example: Tiger Woods. You almost never see a picture of him without his Nike hat or shirt. Their logo is all over his equipment. Nike has paid Tiger, millions of dollars for his “endorsement” of their products.

Companies will also pay a hefty fee to have their products used by characters in a movie. Why? Because that will plant a subconscious suggestion in the minds of a certain percentage of people to want their product. A blatant example? When James Bond traded in his Astin Martin for the BMW convertible.

Have you ever been walking down the street only to find a song playing in your head? In this case, a song that you didn’t purchase, but one that happened to be playing in a store you were recently in. Or that you happened to hear on the radio or a television show or in a move. That “afterglow” is an example of the type of “osmosis” I’m referring to.

How does this apply to the use of Power Affirmation recordings? The application here is to find various ways to add positive thought to your every day environment. For example, you can do that by listening to various audio self-help books, putting up posters of positive statements, or by listening to Power Affirmation recordings. I like to let the recordings play in the background while I’m doing other things. Often, I’m not even paying full attention–it’s just “white noise” in the background. This is different from “subliminal learning” because the words can be clearly heard. I find that by doing this consistently, the Power Affirmations positively influence my thoughts so that the ideas are automatically there when I need them.

This is just one example of how I use my Power Affirmation recordings. There are also times when I actively participate in the affirmation. The point is, there are multiple ways to use them. The more you listen (even when you are not really paying close attention), the more they will help you. The more good “stuff” you put in, the more good “stuff” will come out.

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