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Western boots are no longer just stamped out of one mold and colored brown or black. There are many brands out there and many different varieties. Everyone who likes western boots has a favorite brand. Out of all these brands, there are some that just sound out from the pack. Foremost among these exceptional boots are Double H boots, which give you something unique and beautiful without changing the essence of what western boots are.

From the Top…

Double H boots don’t just have the standard mid-calf shaft. There are different shafts for differing tastes and body shapes. They come in five to seven inches in the short style, to eight or nine inches, to 10 or 11 inches, all the way up to 12 or 14 inches. How long you want the shaft of the boot to be is your choice, naturally. Some women don’t like the way a longer shaft fits, so they opt for a shorter boot. The full western boot is only one option – ankle boots are just as fun. You can even find shoes in a western style, depending on what you like.

…to the Interior…

Double H boots look fantastic, but many of the important features are on the inside. The safety of your feet is something to consider, especially if you expect to use your boots in competitions. Steel toes, for example, will do a lot to keep you uninjured on rough terrain. You can get shoes without steel toes, of course, if you don’t need or want them. The soles are also slip-resistant, reducing your chance of falling on certain slick surfaces. Keep in mind, however, that no soles can make it completely impossible for you to fall, so remain careful when on smooth or slick surfaces.

…All the Way Down to the Toes

For some women, particularly those with narrow feet, the shape of the toe is just a superficial concern. A woman who has a wider foot may find the traditional pointed toe entirely too confining. Double H boots accommodate all shapes and sizes of women’s feet by offering rounded or squared toes for added variety and increased comfort. If you are one of those women who finds a pointed toe pinches, the rounded or squared toes are perfect for you.

And There’s Still More!

Double H boots have style and function and durability. And then there are some things you might not notice right away, subtly making these boots the best of the bunch. Ever gotten frozen toes while wearing your boots in cold weather? That won’t happen in Double H western boots, thanks to the thin layer of insulation on the inside. The cushioned soles inside these boots mean you can walk for long period of time and still feel ready for the rest of the day. Features like DryZ and gel cell only add to the many reasons why Double H western boots are the best possible choice to make when it comes to boots.

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