Dreamcatcher Embroidery – Free sewing patterns



White or ivory linen, 35cm x 45cmErasable marker penEmbroidery hoopSix stranded embroidery thread coral, royal blue, bright green, greyCrewel needlePicture frame, approximately 27cm x 33cm

Dimensions List

25cm x 30cm

Stitch a dreamcatcher

1 Download the template. Print and trace onto paper. Transfer the design onto the fabric centrally, with an erasable marker. If you cannot see the lines through the fabric, try using a light box, or tape the paper and fabric to a window.

2 Place the fabric in an embroidery hoop. If the whole design doesn’t fit, work on a small area at a time, adjusting the position when necessary. Thread a crewel needle with three strands of coral embroidery thread and work fern stitch all round the circular frame of the dreamcatcher motif.

3 Thread the needle with two strands of grey thread and work the lines that form a web within the dreamcatcher in split stitch. For the beads, use two strands of thread in coral, green or blue, to outline in split stitch, then fill by working split stitch in a spiral.

4 Thread the needle with three strands of blue embroidery thread and work the lettering in split stitch. Using three strands of thread, stitch the top part of the feathers in split stitch, then change to fern stitch for the rest of the feather shapes.

5 Once the embroidery is complete, remove the fabric from the hoop. Clean away any marks of erasable pen by dabbing with a cotton bud moistened with cold water. Press the work lightly and place in a frame.